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'Inspired By...' Moon Quiz-Cast

Filmageddon returns with a space exploration-themed episode of the podcast. Quizmaster Frank Soldato pits Adam Grundy and returning contestant and all-around good boy Blair Treacy against each other to find out who knows the most about galactic-themed films, including Duncan Jones' 2009 modern classic 'Moon'...

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While You're Here, Have A Nosey At This:

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Produced and Edited by brothersister

It's time for a CINEMATIC DECENT INTO MADNESS unlike any other as the team behind the Filmageddon Film Quiz and Filmageddon Podcast assemble to watch bad movies and get blind drunk. Welcome to SHOT4SHOT. Join our host Frank (The Quizmaster) and his guests for this episode Blair and Adam as they subject themselves to watching Joe Wright's 2015 film 'Pan'.